Conference Registration and Fees:
For each accepted paper, at least one author must register for IIRTS'2019 with the Conference fee. Mandatory registration and the fee payment must be made by July 31, 2019. Without a dedicated registration, the paper can not be included in the Springer Proceedings.
Registration Fees for the International online Conference on Innovations Induced by Research - IIRTS'2019:
  • Registration Fee
  • 200 EUR (226 USD)
  • incl. publication of one paper in the Springer's series of Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering in a Volume titled 'Innovations Induced by Research in Technical Systems'
  • incl. one month free access to download the Springer LNiME complete Volume for IIRTS'2019
  • incl. presentation of the paper during the online Conference using a web-conferencing tool
  • incl. participation in all online Conference sessions
  • Register