Description of the Participation in this Conference:
The IIRTS'2019 online Conference is completely virtual mode and requires no physical travel to the conference location. The Conference Participants will present their papers online through a computer connected to the Internet and using a microphone and an online conferencing software.
Below are the Conference stages from submission of your paper to review to its presentation on this International forum and appearing it in the Springer book:


Paper Review and Acceptation


Final Paper Submission and Fee Payment


Springer Proceedings Publishing


Online Conference Tool Setup and Training


Paper Presentation during online Conference

  1. Authors are requested to submit their full-length papers (10-12 pages) in PDF format through the online submission page by the submission deadline.
  2. The paper review and evaluation process is carried out by the Reviewers from the International Scientific Committee.
  3. If a paper is accepted, the Author will be able to access the detailed reviews, and also manage the paper and get its status using the created user account after login.
  1. Authors of accepted papers take into account the Reviewers' comments and submit final versions of the papers.
  2. Mandatory registration and the fee payment is made by the registration deadline. For each accepted paper, one author must register for the IIRTS'2019 Conference.
  1. The final layout is created by Springer according to our layout specifications.
  2. The Conference Proceedings are published in a book by Springer of the LNiME Series.
  1. The IIRTS Conference uses online conferencing software. The Conference Committee will provide the links for that software and quick instructions.
  2. Each participant needs a personal computer, microphone and the Internet connection. There will be a training session, when all participants can test their equipment.
  1. Each author will receive an email which will contain instructions about the timeslot selection.
  2. The Authors present their papers during the online Conference having the option to ask questions, make discussions, communicate with the Committee panel.

Web-conferencing tool used by IIRTS: GoToWebinar Organizer Control Panel:

When the attendee first joins the meeting the Presenter Control Panel appears on the right side of the desktop. The Presenter Control Panel gives organizers and presenters access to various organizer and presenter functions. The Presenter Control Panel is comprised of four panes: Screen Sharing, Attendee List, Audio, Chat and the Grab Tab. The Organizer Control Panel has a sixth pane, the Recording pane, which can be displayed by selecting View and then Recording from the Organizer Control Panel Menu Bar.
When the Organizer passes the Presenter role to another attendee, the Control Panel changes and the Screen Tools section is removed and given to the new presenter.

Menus - (A)
Provides access to leaving/ending the Webinar, attendee options, Control Panel tools and online help files. When selected from the View menu, the Recording pane gives organizers/presenters the ability to record meetings.
Screen Sharing - (B)
The Screen Sharing pane provides organizers/presenters with a visual reminder of On Air status, as well as the ability to show their screens, pause showing their screens, pass keyboard control and change presenters.
Grab Tab - (C)
The Grab Tab enables organizers/presenters to minimize the Control Panel to the side of their desktops to display their full desktops to attendees and still access Presenter Screen Tools.
Audio Panel - (D)
The Audio pane provides access to the audio settings for organizers/presenters and attendees.
Dashboard Panel - (E)
Provides organizers with a quick view of the timer, attendance, audience attentiveness, number of unanswered attendee questions and number of hands raised (see Dashboard Pane).
Attendee List Panel - (F)
The Attendee List pane provides organizers/presenters with a list of all meeting attendees and enables them to make other attendees organizers or presenters, grant or revoke attendee privileges and dismiss attendees. This pane also provides a handy way to invite more attendees.
Chat Panel - (G)
The Chat pane allows organizers and attendees to communicate privately or publicly and share Web sites.
Webinar Information Panel - (H)
Provided for quick reference: Webinar ID can be given to someone to join Webinar.