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 Wojciech Kacalak - commented about 7 months ago
There are two factors deciding on the value of innovation, how invaluable it is for the new, and future solutions. The first one is related to how unobvious the new solutions are in comparison to the state of knowledge and its implementations. It is also related to the amount of creativity and novelty of the design methods involved. The second factor comes from the applicational standpoint of the designed innovation, its scope, its significance, as well as its ability to pave the way for future analyses and applications.

 Wojciech Kacalak - commented about 6 months ago
The path to Innovations Induced by Research is more complex, it requires time and application of numerous methods of analysis, however, obtained results allow to create solutions of much greater quality and usefulness.

 Maciej Majewski - commented about 6 months ago
Freedom to experiment and fail is important for every innovator. Innovation is creativity and freedom.

 Anonymous - commented about 5 months ago
Innovation from research is about staying relevant. We are in a time of unprecedented change in technology.

 Maciej Majewski - commented about 5 months ago     NEW
Surely innovation is not an option, but a necessity. The key driver for all innovation is value creation and, ultimately, the long-term survival of your research achievements.

 Anonymous - commented about 4 months ago     NEW
Framing the challenges in scientific research correctly is a critical key to innovation in technology.